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Frequently Asked Questions | American-Made Veteran Owned

Where can I purchase a tree stand from

  • 360 Treestand and/or accessories can be purchased by filling out an order form.

How much does the tree stand weigh?

  • The 360 Treestand weighs approximately 220lbs.

Is the tree stand portable?

  • Yes, the stand is portable and comes with a detachable transport section on a set of 15" pneumatic wheels.

How difficult is it to transport the tree stand?

  • Transporting the stand is not difficult, as everything sits inside the base carriage section and can easily be pushed or pulled to the site of set-up or hooked to an ATV using our detachable hitch assembly (sold separately).

What is the maximum weight the tree stand can hold?

  • The stand has been tested to safely accommodate 1000lbs of weight.

How many persons can the stand accommodate?

  • The (gun version) of the stand can safely seat up to 4 persons and comes with 2 seats. However, additional seats can be purchased separately.

What is the maximum tree diameter the tree stand can accommodate?

  • The maximum tree diameter tested is up to 17" and is adjustable up to this size by the use of our sliding pin-hole floor system. Leveling of the stand can be adjusted by the use of our sliding lower biter assembly and attached bubble level on the base of the carriage frame.

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