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About 360 Treestands | American-Made Veteran Owned

Minis Hillis is a father of 5, an avid hunter, a former member of the USMC's elite F.A.S.T. Company who has served in numerous missions, and is a veteran of the Persian Gulf War. He is also a 23 year police veteran and is still serving as an officer with the state of Georgia's DPS.

Dennis Kessler is a father, an avid bow hunter, and bass fisherman. He has worked for a local aerospace company for the last 17 years as a senior installer and master craftsman in woodworking, and is still working in this industry. He has been building custom cabinetry for the last 25 years.

Kevin Diaz is a father and a veteran non-commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps who planned/developed and supported flight operations for VMFA -312 F-18 squadron. For the last 8 years, he has worked for the United States Federal Government.

Our Story

"While out on an annual hunting trip to the Tuckahoe WMA with a group of sheriff's department buddies, my 6 year old son and I were in my two man lean-to stand at daybreak. Like times before, I found myself standing up while my boy slept on the bench seat as dawn broke. I was scanning the area and had observed a wild boar coming out of a low area thick with underbrush about 50 yards behind the stand. I set up and tried to get my scope on it, but it had disappeared and did not return."

"At that time of morning, the squirrels were out and making their usual sounds jumping around the woodland floor, so I dismissed this sound coming from behind me while I focused on the boar that I hoped would reappear. When the sound got a bit closer, I realized that it wasn't a squirrel and as I slowly turned my head (again, I was facing away from the noise) I was able to see a nice buck standing not 25 feet in front of me.

Now I was in trouble. I knew that when I turned around he would be gone. I tried turning as slow as possible but, just as I had thought, the buck was on to me. In an instant, the tail went up and he was gone! I was left standing there thinking, "There has got to be a better way!!" In that moment, the idea of a 360 degree, portable tree stand was burned into my head and the 360 Treestands was born."

"Like other hunting fathers out there, I feel that taking their kids on their first hunt should be a great experience. This stand gives that and much more! We have developed this stand to work for most tree hunting experiences with room to move around and views you could have only wished for before."

- M. Hillis

The 360 is the ultimate view, the ultimate stand!